Digital Publishing Initiatives at OSU is all about bringing cutting edge research and writing to wider audiences. We use a variety of digital publishing tools to make this happen. We also consult with authors looking to start academic journals, publish open access books, or create online exhibits of their work.

Interact with new representations of library collections and other unique materials.

Access a variety of original and reprinted content available in digital and print-on-demand formats.

Hosting platforms for faculty and student-led journals across the disciplinary spectrum.

Offering instruction and consultation to faculty and students to help create journals, books, and digital projects.

Digital Projects

Bernice Forest

Bernice Forest Diary, 1916-1917

This project presents text and images from the diary of Marion Bernice Forest, who attended Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) from 1914 - 1918.


Corvallis Soundscape

Corvallis Soundscape is designed to provide a historic and geographic roadmap of musical groups and venues throughout Corvallis, OR.

Untold Stories

Untold Stories Guide

Untold Stories: Histories of Students of Color at Oregon State University Campus Tour Guidebook documents the impact and contributions that students of color have had on campus. Researched and written by OSU students.

OSU Photohistory

Photographic History of Oregon State University

A Photographic History of Oregon State University showcases selected photographs of OSU’s nearly 150 years as a land grant institution. This digital site supplements the over 500 images in A School for the People: A Photographic History of Oregon State University (OSU Press, 2015).

Malamud at Oregon State

Bernard Malamud

A collection of student-created digital humanties projects dedicated to the life and writings of Bernard Malamud.

Embracing a Western Identity + The Jewish Oregon Story

Embracing a Western Identity + The Jewish Oregon Story

This site offers a visual tour of two volumes by Ellen Eisenberg, published by Oregon State University Press in cooperation with Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education (OJMCHE).


Reading the Pacific Northwest

Reading the PNW

Reading the Pacific Northwest reprints rare and out-of-print titles from OSU Press and OSU Libraries Special Collections, making this content available to readers online and in low-cost, print-on-demand formats.

OSU Libraries and Press and CALYX Press

NEH Humanities Open Book Grant

Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities Open Book Program, Oregon State University Libraries and CALYX Press are partnering to digitize important literary works from the second and third waves of the feminist movement.


Forest Phytopthoras

Forest Phytopthoras

Forest Phytophthoras provides science-based information to aid in the understanding and management of the world’s forest Phytophthora species. While newly emerging, damaging species are the highest priority, information on other Phytophthoras is included in an attempt to gradually elucidate Phytophthoras’ diverse roles in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry

The Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry

The Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry is an online, peer-reviewed publication for inquiry (i.e., assessment, evaluation, and research) in student affairs. This journal provides a scholarly space for addressing practice and theory in student affairs inquiry by highlighting both the universal (e.g., foundations of student affairs assessment) and the local (e.g., single-institution assessment projects).

DPI Services List


  • Conference Proceedings

    We preserve conference proceedings in our institutional repository. For inquiries, contact Michael Boock (Michael.Boock@oregonstate.edu)

  • Consultation for Your Own Project or Ideas

    If you’re interested in pursuing your own project with us, or have questions about digital publishing at OSU, we offer consultation services. Contact: Korey Jackson (Korey.Jackson@oregonstate.edu)

  • Course Integrated Instruction

    Contact us to discuss how to successfully integrate digital publishing assignments and projects into your course. We also provide instructional materials and hands-on instruction. Contact: Jane Nichols (Jane.Nichols@oregonstate.edu)

  • Identifiers

    We provide support for assigning and managing Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and other identifiers (ARK, Handle, ISSN) for publications, research data, and other digital objects. Contact: Michael Boock (Michael.Boock@oregonstate.edu)

  • Journal Startup or Conversion

    Interested in starting a new journal or converting a current journal to a new open access platform? We can help! Contact: Michaela Willi Hooper (Michaela.WilliHooper@oregonstate.edu)